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Prepare for the unexpected! Three unpredictable wedding situations:

In our world of wedding catering, experience has taught us that preparation is everything to guarantee a stress free day. That being said, there are some situations that even take us by surprise!

Recently, on her way to start work at a Gate Street Barn wedding, our lovely front of house manager, Jill, noticed our poor bride standing on the roadside beside her broken down vintage wedding car. With the clock ticking, the bride gratefully accepted Jill's offer of a lift to her Surrey church in Jill’s Mini Cooper and she arrived at the church, ready to walk down the aisle in time!

Tandem Catering staff are known for ‘going the extra mile’ and this was perfectly illustrated by this lovely photo, which is still one of our favourites!

Almost every wedding has last minute changes to guest numbers and dietary requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt in order to be sure that all guests are served a delicious and appropriate meal.

This is especially important as specific dietary needs become more widespread. Until very recently, for example, veganism was rare, yet now there’s not a wedding that goes by without a vegan option on the menu. On more than one occasion we have been asked on the day to cater discreetly for newly pregnant guests. Our response has always been to secretly adapt their meal to avoid any unwanted comments!

With so many elements to coordinate on the day, weddings can be unpredictable, but we like to think that we can cope with all eventualities as our thorough and meticulous planning is unrivaled in the wedding catering field.

Finally, one thing we certainly can’t control is the weather. Tandem Catering staff regularly work though challenging conditions with energy and good humour. From heatwaves (you can never have too much ice!), to storms, ash clouds and snow, our teams are never deterred from ensuring the event runs smoothly and without a hitch.


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