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5 Major Trends in Wedding and Event Catering

Clients often ask us what trends we’ve noticed over the years. These come and go (we do not mourn the disappearance of chocolate fountains for example!), but we have identified 5 new(ish!) trends that are currently popular.

Sharing, sharing and more sharing! When we first started out, sharing courses were much more rare, but now more and more couples see the benefit of a social interactive guest experience. We at Tandem, celebrate this and offer creative sharing options for each course. A sharing course is a great way to break up the formality of a three-course meal and as a bonus it can also serve as an icebreaker for guests who might not know everyone on their table. Our starter platters, for example, include Middle Eastern Mezze, Spanish Tapas, Italian Antipasta, Gourmet British Ploughman's, French Cheeses and Charcuterie and Mexican Street Food. All are equally popular and enable our clients to set the tone for what is to follow. The dessert course is another popular point at which to introduce a sharing element. Many couples like to choose a dessert trio presented either on tiered cake stands (one per table) or as a dessert station, perhaps later in the evening.

Plant Based Menus The explosion of veganism, vegetarian/pescatarian and other diets has made a big impact on our menu designs. We strongly feel that anyone with a dietary requirement should have a meal of the same high quality and creativity and we have demonstrated this with countless wedding and party menus. We invite our clients to choose from an extensive list of delicious options, but also encourage off menu suggestions. A recent all vegan wedding in Guildford, Surrey was one of our most successful, with many guests commenting on how they didn’t miss having meat!

Gin-vincible! We’ve been predicting for some time that the popularity of gin surely can’t continue forever, but while we may have past the gin peak, it still shows no sign of going anywhere. From a simple gin & tonic, to a more involved cocktail, our team can serve it. Part of the appeal of gin cocktails is how popular they are with both men and women, making it an easy choice for a party or wedding reception. The beautiful and varied bottles also work great as flower vases!

The Importance of Food Providence We have increasingly noticed how knowledgeable and interested clients are about the providence of their ingredients - and it is often discussed in our meetings. We are proud to use local Surrey suppliers who share our high standards. Our greengrocer, baker and butcher, for example, are all local, independent businesses who always go the extra mile on our behalf to source the freshest local produce for our use. These relationships are key to our success and allow us reassure our clients that their meal will be ethically sourced using the finest ingredients. Table Top Trends Table settings are much more varied than they were, with many clients incorporating coloured glasses, coloured and textured linen, charger plates, black or gold cutlery, we could go on! Yes many of these have been around for some time, the sheer variety has exploded in recent years. This we love as it allows our couples to make their wedding or party truly individual. We have also seen the rise in popularity of rustic wooden tables, which require no table linen at all - perfect for boho or festival themed events. Our excellent and local hire company Crystal Hire regularly bring us samples of the new additions to their ranges so we can show our clients during our meetings. They are so good at staying on top of the very latest in table top trends and even source bespoke items for us when needed.

Rustic wooden tables used at a recent wedding
Rustic wooden tables and boho green glasses


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