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Tips for a Successful Dinner Party

Hosting an evening full of food good enough for your friends to call you the next Raymond Blanc is a skill we all wish to have. Dinner parties can often be daunting but with a few tricks of the trade, a somewhat stressful night can be transformed into a brilliant night not only for your guests, but also for you, the host. We’re experienced Surrey caterers, so read on if you wish to gain some of our industry knowledge.

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1) Reign in your ambition

Yes, creating an exquisitely plated, Michelin style plate filled with parmesan foam and vegetable jellies looks impressive – but how achievable actually is it? Your guests (and your temper) would much prefer, impressive but hearty dishes. Think big sharing platters of your strongest dishes to save plating every individual meal. By all means, push the boat out, but not so far it causes a kitchen meltdown.

2) Preparation prevents poor performance

Whether it’s a vegetarian dinner party or a meat-fest, prepare as much as possible prior to your guests arriving. If you’re making a butternut squash wellington or a beef-shin lasagne, have these made ready to throw in your oven. Remember, your guests want to spend time with you as well as tasting your delicious food.

3) Consider the balance of your menu

Don’t serve a goat’s cheese tart, steak and ale pie followed by a tarte tatin – even the most pastry loving of guests might shy away from choosing pastry in a restaurant ever again. Think of the balance; if you choose a pastry main, maybe make something lighter to start, like a salad. Or equally if you choose a fish dish for main course, how about a vegetarian starter. More importantly, it looks rather impressive if you demonstrate a large repertoire.

4) Wear an apron

Everyone looks more professional in an apron, channel the inner Gordon Ramsey, command the kitchen (possibly without the expletives) and wear that apron with pride.

5) Relax

Key to a successful party is to relax, spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, and enjoy hosting your dinner party.

Still don’t fancy hosting your own dinner party? Contact us to discuss the possibility of a catered party, or keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive Winter supper clubs.


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